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Interactive Marketing Strategies

This section covers the methods and strategies B2B marketers are using to start a dialogue with prospective buyers through their marketing initiatives.

The B2B Marketer’s Guide To Events In The Metaverse

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues its evolution — it’s predicted that the AI market will keep growing by at least 120% annually — it’s not surprising the metaverse came to fruition. As it quickly enters the B2B space as a way of enhancing events through immersive and interactive experiences, experts…

Lob Unveils Direct Mail Automation Platform

Lob launched its flagship product, an end-to-end direct mail automation platform designed to power the creation, printing, postage, delivery and sustainability of direct mail with end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution.

Phrasee Launches Language Personalization Technology To Help Increase Customer Experiences

Phrasee aims to enhance customer experiences by optimizing the language brands use across the buyer’s journey. The company’s AI-powered SaaS platform brings together natural language generation, machine learning and dynamic optimization. The launch of Phrasee’s new language personalization insights seeks to help brands better personalize customer engagement.
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