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Data Tops List Of Tactics & Technologies Marketers Can't Afford To Live Without

After many marketers underestimated the importance of data management in the early phases of rolling out marketing automation, data and reporting are expected to top the list of priorities in 2011. As demand generation practices continue to evolve and mature, industry analysts suggest people, processes and data will become top priorities.

“Even the best technologies available will fail to provide the needed insight if the data isn’t in order to support it,” points out Chris Parisi, VP of Technology at Bulldog Solutions. “There’s just no escaping the importance of clean, normalized, reliable data to drive success in online marketing. Data management is a necessity, and it shakes out in many ways. It’s critical not only for all of the revenue-driving activities marketers want and need to do, such as lead scoring, segmentation, lead nurturing — but also to reporting and business intelligence tools.”

Parisi will be providing added perspectives on perceptions on the changing roles and priorities for marketers as part of the Jan. 18 webinar, “The State of Marketing Automation 2011: The Tactics & Technologies You Can't Afford to Live Without.Moderated by DemandGen Report Managing Editor Amanda Ferrante, the webinar will also feature Sam Weber, Chief Operating Officer of and demand-generation agency.

Parisi adds that accurate data will be critical as companies begin to look for new growth avenues. “We know that most marketers will not hold back from exploring new channels, so the challenge to marketing automation companies is to keep up and allow for easy integration with any applications, including: Webinar platforms, social media applications, third-party media programs, data cleansing and appending services. The good news is that some of the top platforms are aware of the challenge and making huge strides in opening up their platforms to support fairly simple integration configuration and data management for third-party sources.”

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