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Harte-Hanks Reports Lower Revenue for 2011, Enhances B2B Marketing Service Offerings

After coming off a disappointing fourth quarter, Harte-Hanks executives say the company is poised for faster growth heading into 2012 – including a series of efforts that have expanded the company's position in the B2B marketing and demand generation space.

For the fourth quarter, the company reported operating revenue of just under $225 million, or a 4.8% decline from a year before. For the year overall, Harte-Hanks reported operating revenue of about $851 million, or about a 1% decrease from its 2010 total revenue.

"While there were many bright spots in 2011, we are not satisfied with our profit performance," said Larry Franklin, Chairman, President & CEO, Harte-Hanks. Franklin also noted, however, that restructuring efforts during 2011 impacted the company's revenue and income, yet the changes also poised the company for faster growth during the coming year.

Franklin continued, "In 2011, a number of important actions were taken that better position each of our businesses to operate more efficiently and better compete in the changing market place. These included efforts to consolidate production processes and sales groups.

According to a Harte-Hanks press release, the company's B2B marketing and demand gen operations showed signs of strength in several areas. Notable highlights included:

-       The addition of eight new Purchase Level Scores to the company's Ci Technology Database product. Ci is designed to allow technology marketers to identify and rank companies based on purchase intentions in a number of key product categories.

-       A leading network equipment manufacturer selected Harte-Hanks to execute its Demand Curve, a multi-channel demand generation program designed to support bout inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

-       A major cloud-computing software provider engaged Harte-Hanks to provide demand-gen services in support of its small and medium business division, including the qualification of marketing responses and related analytics.

-       A major U.S. enterprise communications service provider selected Harte-Hanks' Mason-Zimbler division to perform services that include a social media audit, strategy, implementation, management and content creation services. Mason-Zimbler was also chosen to execute worldwide outbound marketing efforts for Jupiter Networks, using a recently implemented marketing automation system.

Franklin also noted that Harte-Hanks' Direct Marketing division, which includes a number of key B2B and demand-gen operations, showed 5% adjusted revenue growth in 2011, placing it ahead of the company's overall performance.

"We currently expect to show increased revenue and profits for the full year 2012," Franklin stated. "We have high confidence in our people's abilities to deliver improved results."