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Twitter’s New Lead Gen Cards Appeal To B2B Marketers With Seamless Data Capture

TwitterWhen B2B marketers send out a typical paid tweet, they have to direct leads to a landing page with a form for their name, company, email and any other pertinent bits of data they want to capture. As any marketer knows, when prospects have to go to another site and fill out a form it increases the likelihood that they will just abandon the task.

That is all about to change with Twitter’s new Lead Generation Cards, which are being called revolutionary by some industry observers and could have an impact on how other social media outlets address the needs of B2B marketers going forward.

Retargeting Attracts Growing Interest Among B2B Marketers

ReadyContactsSearch retargeting – a tactic which employs a simple but profitable intersection of display advertising and search – has long been a popular marketing tool for consumer companies. Now, retargeting is also gaining traction in the B2B market.

While consumer-focused retargeting is relatively simple, however, for B2B firms it will be a more complex process.

“As a B2B company you want to be able to get to the customers that raised their hands,” said Chris Mann, VP of Project Management for Bizo. “For B2B marketers there will be a creative set of solutions to accomplish that.”

Mann is referring to the solutions required to overcome the reach and scale issues that until very recently made B2B search retargeting a lower priority.

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