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Demand Generation

Demand generation encompasses the process of identifying, approaching and engaging prospects. This section highlights how B2B companies are leveraging inbound and outbound marketing tools and strategies to accelerate the buying cycle.

Demandbase Debuts New ABM Platform Following Engagio Acquisition

ABM platform Demandbase has launched its newest solution Demandbase One, designed to help B2B revenue teams prioritize and engage target accounts across various channels for higher deal win-rates. The launch comes just a few months after Demandbase acquired Engagio, bringing two big ABM players together.

11 Steps To Successful B2B Attribution

  B2B marketers have unique challenges that can give enterprise marketers headaches — long and complex sales cycles, numerous touchpoints and a marketing approach where marketers work hand-in-hand with sales to identify key members of the buying team within target accounts.

DGR Book Club: Author Laura Patterson Shares Fundamentals Of Customer-Centricity, Inspiration Behind New Book On Growth

What I love most about my job is that I get to talk to a ton of smart, inspiring marketing and sales professionals on a daily basis. Whether they are influencers in the space, speakers, authors — you name it — my days are filled with great conversations. I even started documenting some of these talks in our new CXO Conversations series!
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