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Marketing Analytics

B2B marketers have become more data-driven as they strive to track marketing’s performance. This section highlights tools, functionality and solutions for gathering intelligence about the buyer’s journey and applying that knowledge to marketing campaigns.

LeanData Appoints Franco Anzini As COO

LeanData, a modern revenue orchestration platform, named Franco Anzini as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his new role, Anzini will oversee all aspects of the company’s business and operations, including finance and go-to-market strategies.

What’s Working In Modern Analytics? Unifying Data Insights To Align Teams Around Metrics & Goals

Gartner research revealed that by 2024, organizations that lack a sustainable data and analytics operationalization framework will have their initiatives set back by up to two years. On the other hand, McKinsey research found that companies effectively using analytics in service of marketing and sales performance are 1.5X more likely to achieve above-average growth rates than their peers.

The 3 Marketing Reports CMOs Need

CMOs at B2B companies are responsible for driving predictable growth in addition to the traditional marketing and brand-building tasks they manage. Now more than ever, CMOs need reports that quantify the impact of marketing’s lead gen activities.

LeadsRx Now Supports Multi-Touch Attribution

LeadsRx has solved a decades-old problem for national advertisers. The new attribution tool empowers them with the ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of national TV commercials given the complexities when they air in various regions, states, across time zones, via live, broadcast, and dual feed cable, etc.
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