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New Lenskold Study Shows Marketers Using Automation To Extend ROI Measurement

LenskoldGroup11_coverThe benefits of integrated marketing automation are extending into new areas of measurement, according to new research from The Lenskold Group. In addition to having improved visibility into ROI metrics, the new study found BtoB organizations employing automated solutions also have a greater probability of having highly effective and efficient marketing strategies.

According to the 2011 Lenskold Group Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study, 39% of marketers that have implemented marketing automation with CRM or sales systems were overall more likely to report and forecast revenue metrics, such as ROI and net present value (NPV), versus 24% of BtoB marketers without marketing automation.

Companies with integrated marketing automation solutions in place also are more likely to have highly effective and efficient marketing (22% compared to 13% of marketers without integrated automation and just 7% of those without marketing automation), based on the findings.

The study broke down and compared respondents as follows:

  • Companies outgrowing their competitors vs. companies that reported the same or slower growth;
  • Marketers that use ROI metrics to assess campaign effectiveness were compared to marketers that use only traditional, non-financial metrics; and
  • Marketers that use integrated marketing automation technology were compared to marketers that don’t use marketing automation technology.

Overall, integrated marketing automation users cited increased strength in measuring and improving lead quality, (47% vs. 24%), and measuring and improving effectiveness and ROI (39% vs. 24%). Integrated marketing automation users also displayed greater strength in marketing process capabilities including lead funnel management (49% vs. 26%) and lead hand-off process to sales (54% vs. 38%).

Companies outgrowing their competitors are much more likely to report marketing contribution to senior management than companies with the same or slower growth, using the metrics Percent of Total Sales Contributed by Marketing (38% vs. 23%) and Percent of Total Revenue Contributed by Marketing (30% vs. 18%), the report said. These higher growth companies are also more likely to report Marketing-Generated Revenue to senior management (38% vs. 26%).

In addition to the metrics-based findings, the study also reaffirmed the current lag in automation tool adoption. Study results revealed that 60% of surveyed BtoB lead gen marketers said their company did not invest in a marketing automation solution. Overall, those companies were less likely to report general performance and financial metrics, and forecast key metrics.

The study, released by Lenskold Group and sponsored by The Pedowitz Group, was compiled from results chosen from 263 respondents in the BtoB market whose marketing teams generate leads for sales organizations or channel partners. The online study was sent to a random sample of MarketingProfs’ database of more than 280,000 marketing professionals.

For more insights, tips and recommendations based on the research findings, download the full report here.