Persona Development

Personas are an increasingly valuable tool for developing highly targeted content that resonates with buyers. This section highlights the latest tools, trends and strategies B2B marketers are leveraging to help build accurate buyer personas.

MultiView Launches Persona Targeting Solution For Digital Display Ads

MultiView’s Persona Targeting solution is designed to enable B2B companies to place digital display ads in front of a highly defined target audience during the early stages of the buying journey. With this form of programmatic advertising, customized creative and messaging assets can be delivered across the web to those…

Trustpilot Offers Solutions To Generate Customer Reviews For B2B Companies

Trustpilot is a review community that aims to build trust and transparency between businesses and customers. More than 72 million consumers read and leave reviews at to make smarter buying decisions, and more than 120,000 businesses use Trustpilot’s software to engage with customers, proactively collect and manage feedback, drive…
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