Persona Development

Personas are an increasingly valuable tool for developing highly targeted content that resonates with buyers. This section highlights the latest tools, trends and strategies B2B marketers are leveraging to help build accurate buyer personas.

B2B Marketers Build More Detailed Buyer Personas To Fine-Tune Targeting

B2B companies are increasingly relying on highly targeted and personalized messaging to reach prospective buyers. To accomplish this, progressive marketers are developing more detailed buyer personas to gain deeper insight into their target audiences and boost responses from their lead nurturing campaigns. Demand Gen Report’s Lead Nurturing Benchmarking Study shows…

B2B Buyer Personas Getting More Complex

While buyer personas are unique to each company, they all focus on the role each buyer has in making purchasing decisions. And as the role of the B2B buyer broadens, buyer personas are become more detailed and complex. The proliferation of mobile access and evolving content consumption patterns are also…

Renewed Interest In Buyer Personas Fueled By Content Marketing

B2B marketers have been on a content binge of sorts over the past few years, developing all types of campaigns in a variety of formats to bolster their lead generation efforts. But in the past six months or so, observers say that B2B marketers are realizing that for content to…
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