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Certify Data Systems Adopts Callidus LeadFormix For Marketing Automation

Callidus Software last week announced that it has closed an agreement with Certify Data Systems to adopt Callidus' LeadFormix marketing automation platform to manage and optimize the company's lead generation activities.

Certify Data Systems is a San Jose, Calif. based healthcare information technology company. The company's products are designed to facilitate the movement of information between hospitals, physicians, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

According to a Callidus press release, Certify Data Systems will use the LeadFormix platform to "provide its sales and marketing organizations with high-value insights from web, search, and social channels, coupled with tools to deliver high-impact marketing campaigns."

LeadFormix is a SaaS-based B2B marketing automation platform that combines demand generation and workflow automation tools with business intelligence and analytics. The technology is designed to provide insights into the intent and behavior of online prospects, allowing sales and marketing organizations to understand their prospects' needs, deliver integrated marketing campaigns and boost conversion rates.

Callidus Software acquired the LeadFormix platform through an acquisition completed in January, 2012. Callidus currently offers a number of other SaaS-based tools designed to perform a number of sales, marketing, hiring and e-learning tasks.