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HomeStar Broker Solutions Implements LeadMaster For Real Estate Lead Management

HomeStar Broker Solutions Corp.
, a provider of Internet lead conversion solutions to the real estate industry, and LeadMaster, a provider of cloud computing solutions for CRM, sales lead management, marketing automation and sales force automation, announced an agreement to provide LeadMaster as the engine for the HomeStar Technology Platform.

Vancouver, Canada-based HomeStar Broker Solutions is a lead management company specializing in online conversions in real estate. The company’s clients include real estate companies looking for outsourced assistance in lead response, agent support and lead cultivation.

The company provides its clients with support to validate and respond to online property  inquiries, and to ensure immediate follow up. The company also offers back-end support to monitor agent activity and optimize lead conversion efforts.

HomeStar also offers a non-outsourced option to real estate companies that prefer to manage their lead process in-house, providing them with the systems, processes and technology platform accessible across all levels of their real estate operations.

“By integrating our online conversion strategies and proprietary business processes with market-leading virtual call center technology and the LeadMaster engine, HomeStar will be able to offer unparalleled service and optimum conversion rates to its real estate clients,” noted Michelle Taylor, President of HomeStar Broker Solutions.

LeadMaster offers a multi-function cloud-computing software solution for sales and marketing professionals. The company provides technology designed to enable sales and marketing teams to receive and update leads; add web site visitor information to CRM systems in real time; initiate drip marketing, lead nurturing and email tracking; and provide other automated functionality.

“This relationship provides LeadMaster with a partner that can customize solutions and workflow automation specifically designed to dramatically improve conversion rates on Internet property inquiries in real estate,” said Russell King, CEO of LeadMaster. “LeadMaster embraces partners from business consultants and call centers to ad/marketing agencies and value added resellers.”