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Infusionsoft Unveils Major Update To Its Small-Business Sales And Marketing Suite

Sales and marketing software vendor Infusionsoft today announced a major update to its flagship software platform, including updates to its user interface, lead generation and scoring, and other capabilities.

Infusionsoft is an integrated sales and marketing product designed specifically for small businesses. It includes a suite of CRM, email marketing, e-Commerce, lead generation and marketing automation tools that emphasize ease of use in both B2B and B2C environments.

According to a company press release, the Infusionsoft Spring 2012 release includes a number of new and updated tools designed to assist small business owners with the sales and marketing process. Key features in the update include an updated user interface that employs role-based navigation, a visual tool for designing and deploying marketing campaigns, and e-Commerce enhancements such as new storefront design tools and pricing options.

The update also features new or improved lead generation tools, including web analytics, visitor tracking and customized landing page creation. An improved lead scoring tool is designed to make the process of defining and employing lead scores more intuitive for small-business owners.

According to Infusionsoft Chief Product Officer Richard Tripp, the update is focused heavily upon usability and efficiency issues. "Small businesses don't have the luxury of hiring full-time marketing or IT teams. And they definitely don't have time to piece together different tools that are often hard to learn, don't integrate well and truthfully are designed to meet the sales and marketing needs of much bigger businesses," Tripp stated in a company press release. "That's the problem we set out to tackle."

Infusionsoft says it has also focused on customer support with its updated offering. Every new customer will get one-on-one marketing strategy and product training sessions, and a new marketplace of service providers can sell implementation, API development and related services.

The company unveiled the Infusionsoft update at its InfusionCon 2012 event, being held this week in Phoenix, Ariz.