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LeadMaster Announces Enhanced Marketing Automation For Online Lead Management Solution

, a provider of web-based sales and marketing solutions, recently announced enhancements to its marketing automation platform. Available to LeadMaster resellers and consultants, the marketing automation platform is designed to enable users to automate marketing efforts, such as launching email campaigns, adding prospects to lead nurturing campaigns and reporting.

Roswell, GA-based LeadMaster offers a multi-function cloud-computing software solution for sales and marketing professionals that includes functionality to optimize key tasks, including e-marketing, click-to-call, lead management and CRM.

"Marketing automation is just one of the many fantastic built-in features of LeadMaster,” noted LeadMaster CMO Andy Brownwell, in a company press release. “We believe it's important to provide a complete solution for customers. Providing a CRM or lead management system without marketing automation tools is like selling a hamburger without a bun."

LeadMaster allows users to set up marketing automation activities through the use of a point-and-click interface. After a prospect enters their information on a web site or landing page the LeadMaster platform is designed to enable organizations to immediately send the prospect a confirmation email; add them to a pre-sales lead nurturing track; assign the lead to a sales rep; and monitor the lead for appropriate follow up action.

For example, if the lead isn't updated in 10 minutes, LeadMaster sends a text message to the rep asking them to check their email for a new lead. If the lead hasn't been updated in 3 hours LeadMaster sends an email to the sales manager. LeadMaster alerts the sales rep anytime the prospect either opens or clicks on a link in one of the emails sent from the system.

LeadMaster marketing automation provides companies with the ability to automate their outbound marketing activities and track how customers respond to those messages so that the sales team can focus on the best opportunities.