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Neolane Adds New Offer Management, Profiling Features To its Marketing Automation Solution

Marketing automation software vendor Neolane recently announced new features for Neolane Interaction, the company's real-time offer management solution. The new features are designed to provide a better experience for anonymous users and to provide better alignment for cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Neolane Interaction combines a central offer catalog, business rules engine and database marketing list to identify individuals arriving via inbound marketing channels. It then selects, personalizes and renders appropriate offers for each user based on their behavior and known personal characteristics. It is available as either a stand-alone solution or as part of the company's campaign management software.

One key new feature allows marketers to profile users based on factors such as website activity, allowing them to craft customized offers even when the user is not yet identified within a company's marketing database. The solution also employs progressive profiling to capture and reconcile user information on the fly – allowing marketers to gather user data incrementally, without asking for the same data repeatedly.

Consistent Offers Across Multiple Channels

The new capabilities extend to crafting consistent customer and prospect offers across multi-channel marketing campaigns. If a prospect, for example, clicks through on an email offering a product discount, Neolane Interaction will automatically qualify the prospect and reconcile them with the original email recipient. The idea, according to Neolane, is to offer a consistent set of marketing messages and offers across email, web, and other channels – thus avoiding "marketing fatigue" or frustrating users with an inconsistent set of marketing messages.

Another major new feature in Neolane Interaction adds the ability to generate marketing offers using external product catalog information. Based on a user's existing profile or online behavior, for example, the solution can browse an offer catalog based on SKU numbers, product availability, price or other factors – and then dynamically offer the prospect an appropriate discount, product option or other choice.

'Conversational Marketing' For B2B Firms

"These enhancements to Neolane Interaction [give] marketers the ability to capture intelligency, even through anonymous interactions, and generate real-time offer recommendations," said Neolane President and CEO Stephane Dehoche in a company news release. "Neolane Interaction is at the core of conversational marketing, providing brands with the performance they need to take advantage of every contact opportunity to propose the right offer at the right time."

Neolane promotes its solutions to both the B2B and B2C markets, both of which can benefit from the ability to profile prospects and to target them with appropriate promotions or offers. Neolane also touts its history as a single code-base platform, rather than as a solution built through third-party acquisitions, and it gives B2B marketers the ability to integrate with CRM and SFA systems such as, Oracle/Siebel and Microsoft CRM Dynamics.