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Spotlight Your Customer Success With DemandGen Report’s Sales & Marketing Integration Awards

This June, DemandGen Report will once again honor leading organizations as part of its newly branded Fourth Annual Sales & Marketing Integration Awards.

B2B organizations have traditionally focused on mapping marketing automation to CRM systems, but today’s business success hinges on the integration of various tools and platforms. 

Given the increased market pressure to develop strategies based on orchestrated, integrated demand generation tactics, this special report will profile organizations that have achieved success in driving revenue by developing common goals and processes to collaboratively drive efficiency across all channels.

Click here to access the 2011 Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards Report.

In order to make it easier for nominees to be considered we have simplified the criteria for consideration, with plans to profile companies for accomplishments in integrating:

DATA- Enhance data integration to provide sales and marketing with optimal visibility into prospect and customer touch points;

SOCIAL- Manage and cultivate role in social communities to monitor conversations, refine marketing messaging and enable sales;

TARGETING- Segment prospects and customers to provide relevant content based on pre-determined attributes, such as digital behavior and activity, and/or interest level.

ONLINE EVENTS- Utilize online event/webinar platforms to enhance segmentation strategies, nurturing, scoring, data collection and application, as well as sales acceleration; and

SALES ENABLEMENT- Implement tools and tactics to help marketing empower the sales force to maximize prospect touch points and close deals.

The awards also will recognize the ability to establish:

  • Systematic, repeatable processes for success by developing agreed-upon definitions and blueprints to optimize internal operations; and
  • Improved conversion rates deeper in the funnel by providing targeted and relevant content.


To nominate an organization for consideration, click here to access the nomination form.

Deadline to submit nominations: June 1, 2012