Sales Enablement

Marketers today are tasked with shepherding leads through all stages of the funnel, and that means developing strategies to help salespeople have more productive conversations with buyers. This section spotlights tools for increasing sales productivity.

LinkedIn Updates Sales Navigator With Data Validation Feature

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator feature, ​Data Validation​, is designed to create a tighter integration between Sales Navigator data and CRM. Combining the power of LinkedIn with the power of users’ CRM, Data Validation intends to help sales professionals identify deals at risk, pinpoint potential champions and flag out-of-date data.

Why Sales Enablement Growth Has Stalled

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 6.5 million jobs have been added to the U.S. economy since January 2017. Of those 6.5 million jobs, the number of sales enablement positions has grown drastically. In fact, Paul Krajewski, who has been tracking sales enablement job titles on LinkedIn for many years, claims…

A New Era Of B2B Customer Experience: The Context Marketing Revolution

We’ve entered the Infinite Media Era, and context — not content — is now king. In this era, when standing out in a sea of generic messages across various digital channels is harder than ever, traditional B2B marketing practices will no longer suffice, according to Mathew Sweezey, Marketing Futurist and the Principal for Marketing Insights at Salesforce.

4 Practical Tips To Improve Customer Experiences At Every Interaction

Consumer brands have delivered excellent customer experiences for the past several years, with B2B brands trailing far behind. Today,there is no excuse for B2B brands to offer similar experiences every single time they interact with a customer or prospect. According to customer experience expert and industry keynote speaker Dan Gingiss, it’s vital for all businesses to assess how customers experience their brand at every interaction. Without that assessment, companies are positioned to leave revenue…
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