Sales Enablement

Marketers today are tasked with shepherding leads through all stages of the funnel, and that means developing strategies to help salespeople have more productive conversations with buyers. This section spotlights tools for increasing sales productivity.

Apttus Unveils Incentive Compensation Management Solution

The Apttus Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) aims to help companies design, execute and manage sales incentive programs and embed them throughout the Apttus Quote-to-Cash (QTC) suite. The solution combines with applications available in the Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash (QTC) suite, which operates under a common data model and through a single user interface.

Study: Alignment Between Sales And Marketing Is Improving

As buyers become more independent in their buying journey, sales and marketing alignment continues to be at the forefront of business operations to increase abilities to close deals and boost revenue. While alignment has been a challenge in the past, a new survey from Televerde reveals that a majority of…

Insight Into The Marketing & Sales Enablement Tech Stack

Alignment is an ongoing battle for B2B organizations — so much so that it is impacting tech selection. This infographic from Seismic examines new research that aims to uncover what types of technologies enterprise companies are leveraging to enhance their marketing and sales alignment capabilities.
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