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HubSpot Integrates With LinkedIn Company Pages

HubSpot LinkedInUsers of HubSpot’s Social Inbox can now publish and promote content directly to LinkedIn Company Pages from the marketing automation platform.

Prior to adding LinkedIn Company Pages, Social Inbox enabled marketers to publish and share content across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups from within HubSpot.

Mike Volpe, CMO of Hubspot, said that the marketing automation vendor’s data identified LinkedIn as the highest generator of visitor-to-lead conversion out of all other social marketing channels.

Along with the recent integration, Social Inbox provides marketers with the following features:

  • Track activity on Reach and Company Pages on LinkedIn;
  • View macro- and micro-level results for each social network, including clicks, retweets, and conversion behaviors; and
  • Perform Twitter activity analysis with list segmentation, prospect notification, leads or brand and competitors mentions form customers.

“Inbound marketing is rooted in the notion that marketing should be less interruptive and more personalized and lovable,” said Volpe. “Social media is a critical vehicle to make inbound marketing successful by sharing and promoting content, engaging and responding to concerns and questions, and cultivating conversations your prospects, customers, and leads care about. "