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Mobile Technology Expert Christina “CK” Kerley to Address Emerging Technologies’ Impact on Content Marketing at B2B Content2Conversion Conference

DemandGen Report (DGR) today announced that mobile technology expert Christina “CK” Kerley will join the list of speakers at the inaugural Content2Conversion Conference. Taking place Tuesday, April 24th at the Times Center in Manhattan, the Content2Conversion Conference will provide strategies for mapping, developing and utilizing content marketing to nurture the buyer relationship and enhance conversions.CK_Kerley

A well known expert in the B2B marketing world, Kerley is the author of the industry guide, The Mobile Revolution & B2B, which provides marketers with a framework for navigating the dramatic shifts and harnessing the unprecedented opportunities that mobile is driving across their executive audiences. For more than 17 years, Kerley has worked with Fortune 500s, mid-sized enterprises and start-up companies in industries spanning technology, media, mobile, life sciences and professional services. Her projects include work with IBM, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and Ingenix, among others. Her views and advice have been cited in many leading magazines and books on the topic of content and mobile technology.

“Mobile is a veritable lifeline to B2B executives’ livelihoods,” Kerley says. “In order to be a thriving company that looks to the future, not operates in the past, B2B marketers must adjust, align and advance their content marketing strategies and tactics so as to reach, engage and build revenue-generating relationships with their business audiences. The fact is, our B2B markets have already gone mobile… now it’s up to B2B marketers to do the same.”

Kerley will address the increasing role of mobile in B2B content marketing and how many are still scratching their heads wondering how to crack the mobile code. She also will discuss how iPads and other mobile devices are changing the content approach, as well as which kinds of content marketers can and should be producing specifically for mobile, among other topics.

Kerley joins keynote speaker and author Ardath Albee; Jim Lenskold, President of The Lenskold Group; and Jeanne Hopkins, VP of Marketing at HubSpot, among others, for the daylong event to discuss content development tools and best practices.

About The B2B Content2Conversion Conference 
Hosted by DemandGen Report, the B2B Content2Conversion Conference is an educational event focused on empowering B2B marketers with strategies for mapping, developing and utilizing content marketing to nurture the buyer relationship and enhance conversions. The event will be held Tues. April 24 in New York City at The Times Center. Click here for more information or to register.