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SalesFUSION Unveils New Social Media, Event Management Features

recently announced the addition of new social media marketing capabilities to its marketing automation platform, following up on the company's previous release of a new event marketing software module.

Earlier this week, SalesFUSION released Facebook content-development and user tracking capabilities for SocialFUSION, one of the modules in its flagship SalesFUSION360 marketing automaton suite. The new features allow B2B marketers to build and launch Facebook offers, landing pages and other content, using a provided template library. In addition to deploying new social media content, marketers also get the ability to track and profile visitors to a corporate Facebook page, and to tie these analytics into the SalesFUSION platform's lead scoring, lead alert and related capabilities.

The new Facebook integration features build on an existing set of tools within the SocialFUSION module that include social sharing, social publishing and integrated tracking. All of these tools, in turn, tie into the company's flagship SalesFUSION suite, which adds email marketing, web visitor tracking, lead capture and scoring, multichannel marketing, analytics, CRM integration and related features.

According to SalesFUSION Executive Vice President Kevin Miller, the product's new Facebook capabilities emphasize ease of use, rapid deployment and analytics integration. "One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers face relative to social media marketing is knowing where to begin," Miller said in a company press release. "They post in social networks but don't really know the efficacy of their efforts. Our social media tools exist within the platform where the marketer spends most of their day anyway. And we focus on tangible and easy-to-adopt technology that virtually any marketer can learn in an hour."

New Tools For Live, Online Event Management
In January, SalesFUSION released EventFUSION, a new event management module for the company's SalesFUSION360 platform. According to the company, EventFUSION is designed to integrate both physical and online events with a customer's overall marketing automation capabilities. It includes pre-built integration with the WebEx and GoToWebinar platforms, as well as a set of registration, lead management, analytics and lead nurturing tools for physical event marketing.

"Historically, you had to manage your events outside of your primary marketing software solution and CRM," Miller stated. With the new module, he said, marketers "can handle virtually every aspect from pre-registration to post event nurture marketing, and everything in between."

Pricing for the new SocialFUSION Facebook publishing capabilities starts at $50 per month for three users, according to the company. Pricing for the EventFUSION module starts at $250 a month with the company's SMB monthly plans and is included in the price of its Enterpise and Unlimited monthly plans, which start at $3,000 per month.