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Social Search Engine Identified Attributes Spike In Revenue To LoopFuse Implementation

recently reported that Identified, Inc, a search engine designed to enable organizations to use Facebook to organize and rank prospective employees, has doubled its revenue since implementing the OneView marketing automation platform in July 2011.

"LoopFuse has been a game-changer for our inside sales organization,” said Jen Picard, Product Marketing Director, Identified. "It has helped us identify sales-ready leads and nurture those that aren't yet ready to buy, effectively helping us double sales revenues month-over-month since October."

The company is utilizing LoopFuse OneView to accurately score leads based on buying interest and to execute automated email follow up campaigns.

The Identified engine is designed to provide professionals visibility into the market demand for skills and background. The company sought out an efficient method for highlighting sales ready leads for its inside sales team, as well as a way to provide automated email follow up for its enterprise prospects. Founded in 2010, San Francisco, CA-based Identified analyzes the work history, education and demographic data of more than 200 million Facebook users, and tracks the hiring behaviors of thousands of companies to produce an “Identified Score” for people, companies and schools.

“Identified exemplifies our favorite type of customer,” said Sean Dwyer, CEO, LoopFuse. “They are innovative, growing fast, and need the benefits that marketing automation delivers without the cost, overhead and hassle of more complex alternatives.”

Atlanta, GA-based LoopFuse reported that organizations utilizing OneView achieve 50% more productivity from their sales and marketing departments by efficiently nurturing, scoring and then assigning leads in the CRM system.

In late 2011 Loopfuse announced enhancements to the latest release of its marketing automation suite, including role-based security permissions and custom event tracking. Loopfuse also launched a freemium version of its software, FreeView, in June 2010.