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Social & Mobile

As B2B marketers closely measure the ROI of social media marketing, this section highlights trends in the use of social and mobile to interact with prospects and buyers on social networks and through smartphones and tablets.

A Very Cloudy Year

By Joe Payne, CEO, Eloqua If I had to name the most disruptive force on business this year, I’d tell you the advent of cloud computing. Yeah, I know, cloud computing started long before 2011. But if you think about it, every trend that dominated the tech headlines this year… To Acquire Rypple; Social Performance Management App To Be Re-Launched as “Successforce” announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Rypple, a cloud-based social performance management company. The acquisition signifies’s entry into the human capital management (HCM) market for the social enterprise. plans to re-launch Rypple as “Successforce” and create a new HCM business unit, which will…
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3 Key Tactics To Maximize Your B2B Social Media Campaigns

By Peter Ghali, Senior Product Manager, iContact With 800 million people using Facebook and hundreds of millions logging on to LinkedIn and Twitter, marketers are increasingly looking to reach their customers and prospects through these social media platforms. But social media marketing isn’t without its challenges. According to a recent…
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Vertical Response Launches Integrated Social Media Platform

For small businesses, social media can be a daunting, time-guzzling task to add to their never-ending “to do” lists. VerticalResponse Social is a self-service marketing solution designed to help marketers take the guesswork out of social media and extend the reach of their online marketing campaigns. VerticalResponse Social is the…

Mobile + B2B = BFF!

The move to mobile is just impossible to ignore, and according to expert CK Kerley, mobile is a must-have business tool- "B2B's lifelines to livelihoods." In this video, CK offers ideas and examples on how to give B2B collateral more depth, such as adding QR codes, to bring complex content…

Why B2B Marketers Should Embrace Social Sign-In

The Content Marketing Institute recently published an outstanding analysis of the pros and cons of content registration forms. It's worth checking out – and if you follow just a handful of content marketing blogs, CMI would make a great addition to your short list.
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