Nurture Prospects To Action With Data-Driven Communication

Published: October 12, 2010

It transcends traditional marketing, which solely focuses on campaigns and lead-acquisition, and instead focuses on the individual prospect or customer, and how the company can effectively communicate with them regardless of where they are in the relationship with the organization. Every customer communication strives to advance people in the lifecycle. In other words, the success of a customer lifecycle communications strategy is all about movement.

In the article, Engage Prospects with a Lead Incubation Campaign, I discussed the first stage of the customer lifecycle — the Initiate Stage — where new leads make their initial contact with a company. This article discusses the second stage of the customer lifecycle — the Develop Stage — where, based on a person’s behavior, data, action, timing, or lead score, out-bound communications continue to engage the constituent. Communications in the Develop Stage center on nurturing interest and compelling them to purchase or move forward into an active buying cycle.

Data-Driven Customer Lifecycle Communications

The way in which Right On Interactive client cMarket, a leader in online auction fundraising, manages the Develop Stage is an excellent example. At any time, there are several thousand prospects flowing through cMarket’s multi-step engagement process.

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When a person contacts the company or registers for information at their web site, cMarket asks them for the date of their next fundraising event. They also determine the prospect’s industry, and experience with live, silent, or online auctions. With this data, cMarket varies the content and frequency of communications in the Develop Stage to deliver the right personalized messages. Free online seminars, white papers, and educational articles are effective calls-to-action for convincing non-profit organizations to subscribe to the cMarket online auction service.

cMarket uses ROI marketing automation software to manage the communications steps that drive the email content, list segmentation and drop schedules. With ROI, cMarket is leveraging its investment in other marketing technologies. ROI seamlessly integrates cMarket’s real-time data located in their CRM system with dynamic email content in their email marketing system. As a result of this closed-loop integration, cMarket has increased its operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Richard Cunningham is VP of marketing with Right On Interactive, a leading provider of customer lifecycle marketing software solutions that transform the way marketers nurture business relationships – from initial contact to brand advocacy.  He is a veteran of B2B corporate marketing with companies ranging from start-ups to Global 100.  Follow him @roi_marketing.

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