ValueSelling Associates, Inc. Offers New Course For Marketing Pros

Published: January 10, 2024

ValueSelling Associates, Inc., a global sales training company, offers the ValueSelling Framework, which the company says is a proven formula that simplifies the complexities of B2B sales. Since 1991, thousands of professionals globally have chosen ValueSelling Associates for customized training, reinforcement and coaching to drive sales results.

The Lowdown

ValueSelling for Marketing Pros is designed to help align marketing and sales to increase top-of-funnel activity, drive qualified leads and improve the customer experience (CX). It teaches marketing to leverage the same methodology as sales and provides them with additional tools and techniques to help showcase the unique value their company brings to market.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Building on the foundation of The ValueSelling Framework, ValueSelling for Marketing Pros begins with a virtual event — “Why Change, Why Now” — to level-set goals. Next, participants enroll in eValueSelling Fundamentals, an E-learning course that covers the fundamentals of ValueSelling. Then comes a two-day instructor-led workshop (or four half-days, if conducted virtually), customized to include a deep dive into either content assessment and/or persona creation/enhancement.

Who It’s For

ValueSelling for Marketing Pros is for marketing and product teams across all industries.

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What It Solves

The trust gap between B2B companies and buyers has never been larger — and nothing erodes trust like misalignment. When marketing and sales speak different languages, tech stacks are segmented and the focus is on product-led revenue motions marketing underperforms.

What Makes It Special

Based on the ValueSelling Framework, ValueSelling for Marketing Pros aims to provide tailored training and content, aligning the entire revenue team to speak the same language, which enhances buyer engagement and customer value/retention.


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