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Categorized in two ways – by Type and by Topic – the Resource Center offers access to webinar coverage, white papers, E-books, Infographics and more. Looking for the latest custom content covering marketing automation, lead scoring or nurturing? This is where you’ll find it!

How To Plan, Build & Scale Your ABM Strategy In Record Time

Stefanie Neer started at Drift to lead all things ABM back in May. While it’s only been a couple of months for a seasoned ABM leader like Stefanie, it’s been plenty of time to dream up a polished ABM roadmap for the second half of the year. Plus, by working closely with Ottavio Dattolo and Drift’s Demand Gen team, she’s…

What B2B Tech Marketers Are Doing In 2022

According to research from FINITE and 93x, 80% of B2B marketers said they met or outperformed their 2021 targets, which comes alongside the majority who increased their budgets in 2022. This infographic highlights what marketers are focusing on in their current strategies.

Why ABM Is A Must During A Down Economy

As marketing teams prepare for an economic downturn, one approach is standing out for its ability to deliver high-impact results with speed: Account-based marketing. With an account-based approach, teams can focus their spend and target specific accounts with the highest fit, intent and engagement to help drive revenue fast. ABM is not only effective for generating net-new business, but it’s…

2022 State Of Direct Mail: Marketers Fold Direct Mail, Gifting Into Integrated, Omnichannel Campaigns, Automate Processes For Success

Direct mail is still a key channel to engage prospects, customers and even employees in the digital/hybrid age. It works to build customer loyalty, close deals faster and show client and employee appreciation across all stages of the buyer's journey. While direct mail has been hot for a few years, marketers are ramping up initiatives bring it into their omnichannel…

How To Become A Better Writer: 16 Expert Tips

Content writing is a critical part of marketing strategies — meaning it’s imperative practitioners ensure their content resonates with audiences, compels action and ranks well in search. This infographic provides 16 tips to become a better writer.

What’s Working In Marketing Measurement? Less Messy Data, More Marketing & Sales Alignment

Marketing teams face increased pressure to measure the impact of their initiatives and prove their organizational value. According to the "2022 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey," two thirds of B2B marketing executives (66%) said marketing measurement and reporting is a growing priority within their organization but additional findings show current measurement initiatives are significantly lagging. While marketers are making some…

The Best Social Media Platform For Your Brand’s Video Marketing

Video content is an essential part of marketing strategies, but it’s often difficult for marketers to identify where to put their effort and budget. This infographic highlights the most important statistics for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to help inform effective video content creation.

The B2B Guide to Performance TV

Not every ad solution is created equal when it comes to performance marketing on Connected TV. Many offer branding and awareness campaigns, but fail to deliver meaningful ways to measure the outcomes that matter to a B2B brand. This guide is designed to share the learnings accumulated over years of helping every sort of advertiser — B2B included — generate…

2022 State Of Growth Marketing: Data-Centric, Experimental Approaches Influence Engagement, Conversion & Retainment Of Prospects/Customers

Modern growth marketers crave data to measure the impact of their outreach, identify and shore up weak points in their campaigns and promote their brand in creative ways. Growth marketing's data-centric, experimental approach results in countless opportunities for companies to refine how they engage, convert and retain customers. As brands use growth marketing to build and scale their customer base…

11 Type Of Marketing That Should Be On Your Radar

As marketers develop their marketing strategies, there are seemingly endless possibilities they can incorporate into their toolbox. This infographic looks at 11 types of marketing and covers foundational approaches alongside unconventional tactics.
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