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The Key Social Platform Metrics To Track

With so many measurement metrics for social media platforms, it’s important that marketers are tracking the right ones. This infographic highlights the key metrics that practitioners should focus on to ensure they’re meeting their growth goals.

5 Trends Fueling The Rise Of Visual, Data-Driven Storytelling

Visual, data-driven storytelling has been on the rise — and it’s going to become even more popular in the future. This infographic looks at five trends fueling this shift, which include information overload, declining trust in media, social media's “winner-takes-all” dynamics, the changing roles of text and multimedia and the…

How To Motivate Today’s Employees

As the workforce evolves, employee motivations are evolving with it — and so must leaders. This infographic examines the new factors motivating employees and discusses how employers can use a combination of tried-and-true and cutting-edge tactics to keep their workers happy.

11 Tips To Improve & Refine Your SEO Strategy

The SEO landscape is shifting rapidly — most websites have dealt with significant declines in search referral traffic as Google augments its SERP rankings and video content takes the top spots of search engines. This infographic highlights 11 key tips for improving search performance amidst these changes.

25 Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

As social media becomes increasingly important for B2B marketers, this infographic provides 25 tips for businesses to optimize their profiles, find and utilize the most effective content for their tweets and boost post reach.

The New Best Times To Post On Social Media In 2022

Social media marketing is often a numbers game with a focus on engagement rates, shares, comments, etc. But a key element is timing posts to generate the most views and reach the widest audience. This infographic features research that analyzed 37,219,512 social media posts from more than 30,000 organizations to…

What B2B Tech Marketers Are Doing In 2022

According to research from FINITE and 93x, 80% of B2B marketers said they met or outperformed their 2021 targets, which comes alongside the majority who increased their budgets in 2022. This infographic highlights what marketers are focusing on in their current strategies.

How To Become A Better Writer: 16 Expert Tips

Content writing is a critical part of marketing strategies — meaning it’s imperative practitioners ensure their content resonates with audiences, compels action and ranks well in search. This infographic provides 16 tips to become a better writer.