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5 Technologies CSOs Need To Invest In To Improve Buyer Engagement & Drive Growth

Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) are inundated with new technologies to invest in, but most only fill small gaps or end up complicating existing processes. As a result, the ROI just…

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ValueSelling Associates Reveals ValueCoach AI Tool

ValueSelling Associates, a sales training company, released ValueCoach AI, a value-based AI coaching tool engineered to help revenue teams drive desired selling behaviors and enable sales managers to optimize sales…

Industry News May 22
The sales department is having a monthly summary meeting to bring it to the department manager, they are verifying the correctness of the documents that are prepared before bringing in to the manager

Sales Orgs That Use An Adaptive Approach Are 3X More Likely To Grow: Gartner Research

At the 2024 Gartner CSO & Sales Leaders Conference, the company’s analysts took the stage to share insights into some of Gartner’s latest sales research, which emphasized how organizations that…

Industry News May 22
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Navigating The Intersection Of ABM & Demand Generation In B2B Marketing

ABM and demand generation campaigns should go together like peanut butter and jelly — but oftentimes, that’s not the case. Between misaligned teams, different objectives and just an overall misunderstanding of…

Industry News May 22
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Marketers’ Top 3 Measurement & Attribution Priorities, Ranked

More than one-third of B2B marketers think their measurement and attribution processes need improvement — and the top three factors hindering that enhancement include an inability to measure and track…

Blog May 22
Exclaimer email signatures

Exclaimer Email Signatures Work To Unify Branding Across Channels

Exclaimer is a provider of email signature solutions designed to empower email signature management by delivering consistent branding, promoting marketing campaigns and company news, gathering real-time customer feedback and more.

Solution Spotlight May 22

Outreach Launches Smart Account Plans

Outreach, a sales execution platform, released Smart Account Plans, a new capability designed to highlight all critical aspects of an account and build a customized plan.

Industry News May 20
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AI Is Transforming Sales: Here’s What It Means For Business

Since ChatGPT’s release in Fall 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated conversations around the globe. Whether for personal or business use, the technology has proven itself to be a useful…

Demanding Views May 17
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Amplify10 Unveils AI-Powered Sales Execution Solution

Amplify10 introduced its AI-powered sales execution platform, which harnesses the power of Salesforce CRM and serves as complement to Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot. The early-stage company — formerly known as Featurewave…

Industry News May 16
Isometric Email, Message and Communication. Mail Communication Connection

86% Of B2B Marketers Agree Personalized Content Is Key To Success: New Research

Amidst budget cuts, a quickly evolving digital world and changing buyer behaviors, 86% of B2B marketers are turning to personalized 1:1 marketing — specifically, 1:1 email communication. This finding was revealed…

Industry News May 16

Content Guardian AI Content Detection Platform Seeks To Identify AI-Generated Content

Content Guardian helps provide AI content detection through its multi-checker platform, which combines leading AI content detectors to offer confidence scoring and analysis to identify AI-generated text.

Solution Spotlight May 15
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