What’s Working In Demand Generation In 2024

Practitioners Revamping ABM & Content Strategies With A GTM & Personalization Focus

Marketers, take a deep breath and channel your inner da Vinci, Michelangelo or Botticelli: The ABM & Content Renaissance is upon us. According to the “2024 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey,” 57% of respondents plan to allocate more budget to ABM initiatives throughout the year, while 54% pointed to content marketing investments. For reference, just 46% pointed to ABM and 43% to content in 2023. This strategic rebirth is primarily fueled by one key factor — content overload.

Throughout this report, we’ll analyze where/how organizations are investing that budget to restructure their demand strategies, with a specific focus on the role ABM and content will play. Leveraging unique insights from Demand Gen Report’s recently released research, we’ll uncover:

  • How practitioners are tapping into hyper-personalization through deeper segmentation, dynamic content personalization and leveraging technology like AI and chatbots for real-time engagement;
  • The role of data-driven intent targeting in understanding where customers are in their buying journey and what they’re actively searching for;
  • How ABM and ABX are moving beyond targeting high-value accounts and leveraging multichannel engagement and virtual events to create immersive experiences that nurture relationships across decision-makers within target accounts;
  • The steps needed to incorporate emotional storytelling, interactive formats like video and audio and even humor into B2B strategies; and
  • The AI-powered tools that are starting to make a real impact on B2B demand generation.

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