Pipedrive Reveals Suite Of Gen AI-Powered Tools

Published: April 17, 2024

Pipedrive, a sales CRM for small businesses, introduced Pipedrive AI, a new range of AI tools designed to help users make informed decisions, write professional emails faster and more efficiently manage sales journeys.

Powered by OpenAI and predictive capabilities based on internally developed AI software engines, the new product suite seeks to automate data analysis and workflows, predict customer behavior, formulate and personalize customer interactions and better inform decision-making. Specifically, the new suite of AI-powered features include:

Write My Email

Powered by OpenAI and based on Pipedrive’s beta testing, this feature reportedly takes a median of 44 seconds to send an AI-generated email compared to a median of 9 minutes writing one without Pipedrive’s AI solution. Key features include:

  • Creating sales emails based on customized prompts and other user-defined criteria; and
  • The ability to choose the type, tone and length of email content.

AI Email Summarization

Powered by OpenAI, this tool seeks to summarize email conversations at the click of a button, understand the email threads’ general sentiment and customers’ readiness to close the deal.

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“Pipedrive is delivering on our goal to offer easy and effective AI features that help small businesses solve critical business challenges, improve their processes and grow revenue,” said Shaun Shirazian, CPO at Pipedrive, in a statement. “These capabilities empower sales teams to make better use of their time and focus, allowing them to place greater emphasis on every customer interaction and boost performance. Customer obsession drives innovation at Pipedrive, and our goal is to offer solutions that cater to the real needs of sales professionals. Pipedrive AI encapsulates the benefits that are most important to our customers and we are committed to continue evolving them. Our team is already testing the next suite of multiple features we’re aiming to launch already this year.”

News Flashback

These releases mark the latest in Pipedrive’s AI tool suite, as the company previously released:

  • Sales Assistant, which is designed to provide personalized recommendations and analytics;
  • Sales Inbox, which seeks to sync multiple email accounts to centralize emails; and
  • AI-powered SmartApp Recommendations, which was created to help analyze customers’ businesses and recommend the most relevant apps from the Pipedrive Marketplace.


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