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Alexander Group
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AI Is Transforming Sales: Here’s What It Means For Business

Since ChatGPT’s release in Fall 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated conversations around the globe. Whether for personal…

Demanding Views May 17
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How Mature Is Your Revenue Operations?

Revenue operations (RevOps) is a relatively new term that appears with growing frequency: LinkedIn identified Chief Revenue Officer/Head…

Demanding Views May 10
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The Power Of Event-Led Growth In 2024

Business today primarily happens in a digital environment, leaving people hungry for authentic, in-person experiences. Event marketers have…

Demanding Views May 3
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The Rise Of The Empowered B2B Buyer: How To Create Seamless Self-Service Digital Experiences

The world of B2B commerce is undergoing a profound transformation: Traditional sales models are being disrupted as B2B…

Demanding Views April 29
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Rethinking Demand Gen To Find The Human In The Machine

In the whirlwind that is B2B demand generation, everyone’s trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Every demand…

Demanding Views April 22
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Journey To The C-Suite: 4 Ways Marketing Can Elevate Customer Success

When prospects and buyers are stymied by a fragmented customer experience, it generates feelings of frustration, confusion and…

Demanding Views April 15
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Less Waste, More Revenue: How To Grow A Higher Quality Pipeline

If marketers and salespeople have one commonality, it’s that their pipeline invariably includes a high percentage of companies…

Demanding Views April 5
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How To Solve The Marketing Resource Paradox & Actually Do More With Less

It’s a common understanding that adequate resources are essential for making an impact — but today’s marketing leaders…

Demanding Views March 29
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The Best Of Both Worlds: Combining B2C Simplicity With B2B Depth 

B2B E-commerce is predicted to reach $3 trillion in the U.S. by 2027, up from $1.7 trillion in…

Demanding Views March 26
Kido Communications
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Without Demand Generation, Lead Generation Doesn’t Stand A Chance 

Only 5% of businesses are in the market to buy your products or services at any one time,…

Demanding Views March 15
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Unleash The Hidden Sales Power In Every Customer Interaction

From phone calls and in-store interactions to chatting online, customers have multiple channels for contacting your business. In…

Demanding Views March 11
programmatic advertising
Programmatic Ad Tricks

Programmatic Advertising Tricks For B2B Marketers

As more B2B buyers favor online channels, targeted advertising is gaining traction as an important part of an…

Demanding Views March 7
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