Pipedrive Unveils New AI-Powered Features

Published: October 30, 2023

Pipedrive, a sales CRM for small businesses, introduced several new features, including an AI-powered Sales Assistant, AI-powered SmartApp Recommendations and a new Sales Inbox.

Sales Assistant is designed to provide personalized recommendations and analytics, with capabilities that include predicting a deal’s win probability and recommending the next best action, as well as recommending high-win probability deals to focus on.

The other two features included in the announcement are:

  • Sales Inbox, which seeks to sync multiple email accounts to keep all emails in one place, along with a labeling capability that categorizes emails based on their criteria; and
  • AI-powered SmartApp Recommendations that analyze customers’ businesses and recommend the most relevant apps from the Pipedrive Marketplace.

“Our goal was not to integrate AI into our product just for the sake of it, but to offer a solution that actually caters to the real needs of salespeople and helps them meet their revenue goals,” said Shaun Shirazian, Chief Product Officer at Pipedrive, in a statement. “By integrating AI into Sales Assistant, we provide sales teams with focused, actionable guidance to boost their performance. Now, small businesses using Pipedrive will have access to a personal virtual assistant that uses the latest AI technology to help them prioritize their efforts, focus on the right deals and identify potential bottlenecks in their sales pipeline.”

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The new batch of features closely follow the recent updates to Pipedrive’s Automations feature, which is designed to help admins build and set up efficient workflows with their teams. The enhanced Automation capabilities include sales support and email sequencing.

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