Vidyard Reveals Personalized AI Avatars; Secures $15M In Funding

Published: April 18, 2024

Vidyard, an online video platform, introduced “hyper-realistic” AI Avatars designed to look and sound like specific users. Additionally, the company generated $15 million in funding to accelerate its AI innovation and adoption.

The AI Avatars seek to enable marketers to create high-quality, personalized videos while minimizing the time spent recording and editing. According to the company, users can create their avatars by recording a two-minute training video for the AI to learn how the user looks and speaks. From there, users can generate videos by entering a prompt — from a single sentence to a full script — using Vidyard’s text-to-video technology.

“Vidyard AI Avatars are the answer to every sales and marketing professional’s dream – personalization at scale – which has, as yet, been almost completely unrealized,” said Jonathan Lister, Vidyard COO, in a statement. “By scaling their touchpoints to their customers and prospects, we are significantly lowering the barrier to the use of the high-touch communications tools they need to get the results that power success. The AI Avatars also benefits buyers, who get faster communication and responses from sellers and enjoy a more engaged and fruitful sales process overall. The feedback from recipients in our pre-launch trials has been very positive, with users saying messages delivered by AI Avatars are engaging and effective.”

Vidyard News Flashback

Previously, Vidyard teamed up with Gong, a revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams, to provide sales teams with greater visibility and automated insights into how their customers engage with personalized video messages and on-demand demo videos. Through the partnership, Gong implemented Vidyard’s video feature into its online site with the goal of increasing customer engagement and offering sales teams a more comprehensive view of customer-facing activities, behaviors and engagement.

Additionally, Vidyard also released launched Sales Feed, a digital media network designed to serve modern sellers with tips, news and entertainment. Sales Feed features original online shows, podcasts, video series and more to help B2B sales professionals.



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