Cassie Cross-Domain Consent Seeks To Streamline Customer Experience Across Domains

Published: April 22, 2024

Cassie is a consent and preference management platform designed to assist businesses with building long-term customer relationships. Since 2000, Cassie has helped businesses collect, store and query consent and preference data to deliver real-time customer experiences while meeting legislative requirements.

The Lowdown On Cross-Domain Consent

Cassie’s Cross-Domain Consent is designed to ensure the buyer’s journey is both compliant and uninterrupted by multiple banners on an individual root domain level.

Cross-Domain Consent’s Back-Of-The-Box Details

Cross-Domain Consent was created to streamline user experiences across multiple domains. The solution helps website owners manage a unified consent record for a user across diverse domains. Once a visitor grants cookie consent on one domain, subsequent visits to other enabled domains won’t prompt redundant consent requests. Changes in cookie preferences automatically sync with bidirectional flow across all specified domains using Cassie cookie banners.

Who Cross-Domain Consent Is For

Cross-Domain Consent caters to large organizations with multiple brand domains and is ideal for brands seeking to streamline cookie preferences and centralize consent.

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What Cross-Domain Consent Solves

Cross-Domain Consent reportedly helps global organizations reduce consent fatigue and improve user experience, centralize cookie management across brand domains and maximize efficiencies with reduced operational setup.

What Makes Cross-Domain Consent Special

According to the company, Cassie’s Cross-Domain Consent is the first-to-market solution for cross-domain consent — rather than just subdomain sharing — to ensure a seamless, compliant buyer journey for global brands.



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