2023 State Of Growth Marketing: Orgs Focusing On AI & Data To Improve Efficiency & Increase Customer-Centricity

Given the recent innovations in B2B, traditional marketing strategies are no longer up to snuff. With 83% of B2B buyers indicating that personalized content enhances their purchasing experiences, the industry is rapidly shifting toward hyper-personalized marketing strategies and customer-centric approaches. This places the onus on growth marketing, as practitioners must devise new and efficient ways of reaching their ideal customers.

As businesses experiment with new ways to leverage data-driven insights and advanced analytics, this special report will uncover the current state of growth marketing, with a focus on the data and tools needed to promote campaign optimization and customer-centricity. Specific topics of discussion include:

  • How AI-powered tools are revolutionizing lead generation, customer segmentation and campaign optimization by enabling businesses to streamline their marketing processes and achieve greater efficiency;
  • The need for collaboration and effective communication between sales and marketing;
  • The increasing integration of social media platforms — such as LinkedIn and Twitter — in B2B growth marketing strategies, and how businesses are leveraging these platforms to build brand awareness, engage with prospects and nurture leads more effectively; and
  • The continued reliance on ABM and its effectiveness in targeting high-value accounts, fostering stronger relationships and generating higher ROI.


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