Litmus Unveils Email Personalization & Monitoring Capabilities 

Published: April 17, 2024

Litmus, an email marketing platform, released a trio of new features within Litmus Personalize and Litmus Email Guardian to help marketers create engaging, personalized email experiences.

The company’s new features are designed to empower marketers to foster connections, build subscriber trust, glean insights and drive more revenue from their email programs. Specifically, the features include:

  • Scratch-Offs, which enable marketers to conceal special discounts, exclusive benefits and other offers behind interactive scratch-off layers;
  • Interest Signals, designed to display live click data on images; and
  • Image Monitoring, which seeks to identify and fix broken or slow-loading images within emails.

“The brands that win spark joy and cultivate genuine excitement with every subscriber interaction,” said Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus, in a statement. “Our latest innovations enable marketers to tap into proven drivers like gamification and social proof. These new personalization features deliver experiences that feel fun, exciting, and uniquely crafted for each and every subscriber. Along with new Image Monitoring in Litmus Email Guardian, we’re keeping our commitment to helping marketers make every send count.”

Litmus News Flashback

These releases mark the latest innovations to Litmus’s platform, as the company previously released several additions designed to help users explore integrations with email providers, code editors and other productivity tools. Those capabilities include:

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  • An Integrations Marketplace designed to enable users to leverage all Litmus integrations;
  • Merge tag personalization, which seeks to add email service provider-specific merge tags to email campaigns;
  • The flexibility to restore all versions of recently deleted email campaigns for up to 30 days;
  • Billing Manager to access invoices and payments;
  • User searching, which manages large, distributed teams across sub-accounts by searching for users, selecting multiple users and bulk deleting; and
  • The ability to add or remove email clients and devices in bulk through keyword filtering.




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