Vidyard Introduces Live Video Streaming With Analytics

Published: November 16, 2015

Vidyard Live placeitVidyard introduced Vidyard Live, a live streaming solution designed to provide information — down to the individual viewer — about who watched a live video, when and for how long.

Vidyard Live positions a marketer or sales rep to see who watched a live video feed and follow up with the most engaged viewers.

Features of the live video streaming solution include:

Integration with Salesforce and Marketing Automation: The system identifies both external and internal live stream viewers and tracks their engagement within Vidyard’s Analytics Center, as well as the user’s marketing automation and CRM platforms such as Oracle’s Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Act-On and Salesforce.

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Automatic on-demand video: When a live event is over, the recording is converted to an on-demand video asset available via the same player and URL.

Ability to embed anywhere: The Vidyard player for live streaming and on-demand videos can be embedded on any web page, landing page and within a Salesforce Chatter feed or Salesforce Community. Vidyard’s HTML5 player can support any device and screen size.

“Live streaming is a great way to engage with remote audiences, but you can’t know if you were successful or re-engage with those viewers unless you know who they are,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. “We’re going beyond the ability to simply broadcast your message, enabling businesses to track who’s engaged in the live stream right inside their marketing automation and CRM tools to enhance customer insight.”

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