2020 State Of Database Quality & Accuracy Report: B2B Marketers Ramp Up Investments In Tools & Tactics To Augment & Automate Their Contact Acquisition Strategies

As most B2B brands have been forced to go all-in with digital marketing and sales initiatives during most of 2020, having an accurate and actionable database has become an even bigger business priority.

Businesses looking to connect the dots on buyer behavior between campaigns and channels are quickly realizing that a clean and complete database is essential to tracking the behaviors and interests of key buyers.

Leading consultants, analysts and marketing practitioners in the B2B space all suggest that the risk/reward of investing systems and processes to clean and augment data is becoming a much clearer picture.Recent research from Demand Gen Report supported the growing prioritization of data, with 77% of readers stating they have a data acquisition strategy in place, there is still substantial room for improvement, as only 16% of companies rated their data acquisition strategy as solid.

This special report will provide specific examples and prescriptive advice into how B2B organizations can combat issues with database quality and accuracy, with specific coverage of key trends including:

  • The key relationship between clean data and accurate reporting;
  • Strategies for updating database strategies to support ABM and more advanced segmentation; and
  • How companies can prepare to integrate intent data and other new intelligence sources into their database.

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