2022 C-Suite Go-To-Market Benchmark Survey

The B2B market is evolving rapidly — and the need for smarter go-to-market (GTM) strategies is growing right alongside it. In the “2022 GTM Benchmark Survey,” 40% of respondents indicated they define “GTM” as how they take a new product to market — which was expected. But, interestingly, just under one-third took the progressive route and said that GTM includes all customer-facing activities, including marketing, sales, growth and account retention.

When viewed through the lens of leaders (those who exceeded their revenue goals) and laggards (those who fell short of their revenue goals), more leaders (34%) than laggards (26%) chose the more progressive definition, demonstrating that successful companies view GTM strategies through a wider revenue-generating lens vs. just launching new products.

Specific topics of discussion include:

  • The strategies that sales and marketing leaders indicated are critical to driving growth and how they’re allocating their investments;
  • The continued challenge of sales and marketing alignment, with an inside look into how companies are bridging the gap;
  • GTM’s overall shift from heavily product-focused to all-encompassing of the customer journey;
  • How account intelligence and insights influence campaigns and sales motions and the data marketing and sales are using to fuel them; and
  • Key areas of GTM that can be enhanced or aided through the help of technology platforms and providers.

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