4 Common Intent Data Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Everywhere marketers turn, people are talking about Intent data. After all, 94% of marketers believe that using data to track buyer Intent gives them a competitive advantage. But Intent data is now a term whose meaning, like most buzzwords, has gotten diluted. There’s a false belief that Intent data is a silver bullet, alleged to solve any and all marketing woes. But in reality, many organizations are barely scraping the surface of how Intent data can benefit them and, more importantly, their bottom line.

With common mistakes that include siloed teams, mistrust of data and nonchalance around privacy compliance, Intent data has become a term that everyone is using but few fully understand. However, with 67% of marketers planning on allocating more budget to their Intent data strategies throughout 2022, it’s time to shine a light on the most common mistakes practitioners are making and identify the strategies necessary to correct them.

Throughout this white paper, experts and practitioners will discuss the less obvious considerations of Intent data and provide tips and tricks on how to maximize data usage. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Understanding the difference in data collection methods, including data quality and privacy implications;
  • The need to properly integrate Intent data sources into existing martech and sales tech stacks to create a single source of truth that’s easily accessible for all departments, specifically sales and marketing;
  • The importance of trusting the data generated and pairing it with other intel to determine campaign strategies; and
  • How to ensure the organization is equipped to act on the data in ways that are most valuable to their strategy, which doesn’t necessarily mean a focus on net-new business.

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