What’s Working In Direct Mail: Building Deeper Connections & Personalizing Outreach With Multichannel Campaigns, Sustainable Elements & Charitable Components

Direct mail is the gift that keeps on giving — literally. With 68% of recipients indicating that receiving a “memorable” business gift strengthened their relationship with the sending business, direct mail remains an integral part of marketers’ toolboxes.

Direct mail is ubiquitous with modern marketing strategies, as it provides a tangible touchpoint for customers and prospects while also building deeper, more meaningful connections. However, the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly posed a serious threat to the success of direct mail campaigns. Yet, marketing teams persevered, and the world of direct mail received a facelift for the digital age.

As marketing teams sought to maintain direct mail as a key component of campaigns, many questions arose as marketing teams tried to replicate the human touch of direct mail in the sterilized, virtual world. Throughout this report, we’ll analyze:

  • The sustainable and charitable components of direct mail;
  • Best practices of integrating direct mail solutions into existing CRMs, marketing automation and sales enablement tools;
  • How to combine data-driven ABM strategies with personalized gifting;
  • The uses of direct mail to generate interest in, enhance the value of and promote engagement after virtual events; and
  • More.

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