LeadLife Launches New Tool For Detailed Prospect Tracking

Published: June 26, 2012

LeadLife Solutions released a new web site visitor tracking tool called Funnel Fixer, designed to capture critical information about anonymous digital behavior, such as pages viewed and activity prior to filling out a web form.

The solution is aimed at helping identify leads that convert – as well as those that don’t – and providing salespeople with important intelligence to identify sales ready prospects, enabling sales to customize their strategies.

Funnel Fixer offers functionality for detailed page tracking including time spent on pages, search words used, referring URLs, company information and links to LinkedIn. Daily emails with visitor detail are pushed to company users’ inboxes.

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Additionally, the tool offers an add-in function designed to give sales reps real-time alerts when prospects review information sent to them. Users who send email via Microsoft Outlook receive detailed tracking on prospects’ opens, clicks and which web pages they viewed, among other metrics.

“Many businesses are still struggling with lead and opportunity visibility – their web sites are great marketing tools, but they’re also something of a black hole that doesn’t reveal who is visiting and why,” said Lisa Cramer, President and Co-founder of LeadLife, in a press release. “Funnel Fixer not only identifies who is coming to your site, it also tracks their digital behavior so you know what products, services and demos have their attention and for how long.”

“LeadLife’s Funnel Fixer has closed the gaps on our website that allowed qualified prospects to slip through our fingers,” said Ben Howerton, CEO of Point Dynamics, LLC, in a press release. “We now have the ability to identify who is looking at our website, what they are interested in, and when they are reviewing sales and marketing materials. Our sales reps are now fully armed with the data needed to turn prospect digital behavior into revenue – we’re improving our close rates and increasing sales efficiency by being able to focus our sales and marketing efforts on each prospect’s perceived needs.”

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