Q&A: Making The Move To A Buyer-Centric Content Strategy

There is a shift taking place among B2B marketers, moving from simply driving leads to developing deeper dialogs with key decision makers. And marketers are also quickly realizing that true “dialog” can now be built with a product pitch. To create real conversations with buying groups, marketers are focusing much more on the unique needs and pain points of different stakeholders.

Does Your Content Stink? 5 Things To Check Before You Panic

We’ve all been there before. We spend weeks — even months — developing a piece of content. And we do all the right things: we receive buy-in from all key stakeholders, interview subject-matter experts, conduct extensive research and collaborate with design to ensure everything was executed flawlessly. But when we finally launch the asset, we find that it’s not generating the leads we expected. What went wrong?

5 B2B Social Specialists You Should Be Following

When it comes to marketing—whether it’s B2B or B2C—social media has grown into a prominent channel for engaging prospective customers. That will only continue to increase as more and more millennial and next-generation marketing professionals start to take over seats at the buying table.

“Top Of Mind” Author John Hall Shares Tips For IDEA Communication Through Content

There’s no better way to drive opportunities—and revenue—than with content. However, it’s especially difficult to create content that keeps your brand at the center of your target audience’s attention. In the book “Top Of Mind,” written by Influence & Co. CEO John Hall, building trust within your target audience is the focal point of delivering consistent value for target audiences. The book features a step-by-step guide for developing content that…

Supply And Demand Fuel Continued Growth Of Marketing Automation Landscape

If you (like me) thought that the marketing technology landscape was going to begin consolidating as tech users searched for a healthy balance of integrated technology—you were sadly mistaken. In all, there are more than 5,300 technology solutions according to the newly announced 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic—a 39% increase from last year.

Sneak Peek: B2B Marketers To Follow In 2017

The B2B community is home to some of the most talented individuals in marketing. We spotlighted 17 B2B marketing professionals who are consistently breaking new ground in content marketing, lead nurturing, ABM and other emerging areas. Here’s a sneak peek of the list, and check out the full list over on the B2BMX blog. We recommend you follow and connect with these industry thought leaders, and see what you can…

Leading Execs At Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience Event Share Perspectives On “The Power Of Insight”

One of the key themes at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience event taking place in Las Vegas this week is around data-driven marketing and the power of insight to know every customer. To gain further insight into how the “power of insight” is impacting today’s B2B marketing campaigns, I reached out to several speakers and sponsors at the event to ask them to share their perspective. As you’ll see, many pointed…

Class Is In Session: Continuing Education For B2B Marketing And Sales

In my opinion, you’re never too cool for school. And B2B marketing and sales professionals are no exception. As the B2B landscape progresses, there will always be something new to learn or perfect. That’s why companies such as Brainshark, HubSpot and SiriusDecisions are looking to empower marketers and sales reps with the fundamentals they need to better their marketing and sales efforts.

Lessons Learned: Hear What Attendees Said About #B2BMX

The B2B Marketing Exchange concluded more than a month ago, but it feels like only yesterday I was learning about the latest B2B marketing, sales and account-based marketing (ABM) trends in Scottsdale. Amid three days of thought-provoking conversations with more than 800 marketing and sales executives in attendance, a plethora of insights, tips and best practices emerged.

ABM + AI = True One-To-One Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) has become a powerful way for B2B marketers to connect with their most valuable customers and prospects, and many companies are beginning to implement it throughout the organization. The latest buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), and the combination of AI and ABM, are intriguing to many marketing organizations as well, but the process of combining the two can be intimidating.

How #KeynoteInks Delivers Memorable Visuals For Marketing Event Attendees

Click to view full screen. In-person marketing events offer a whirlwind of information and insights to attendees to bring back to the rest of the team. But gathering key takeaways from every single session and presenting them to your colleagues as effectively as the speaker did can cause a person’s brain to explode! As a journalist covering the B2B marketing and sales space, and attending these marketing events myself, I…

6 SXSW Sessions To Help You Boost Marketing Authenticity

Everyone can produce content online, whether it’s clickbait YouTube videos about cats or your latest E-book or blog. That means that attention spans are low, while content clutter continues to grow. To stay top of mind, authenticity can be the key differentiator between mediocre and superb content.
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