How #KeynoteInks Delivers Memorable Visuals For Marketing Event Attendees

Click to view full screen. In-person marketing events offer a whirlwind of information and insights to attendees to bring back to the rest of the team. But gathering key takeaways from every single session and presenting them to your colleagues as effectively as the speaker did can cause a person’s brain to explode! As a journalist covering the B2B marketing and sales space, and attending these marketing events myself, I…

6 SXSW Sessions To Help You Boost Marketing Authenticity

Everyone can produce content online, whether it’s clickbait YouTube videos about cats or your latest E-book or blog. That means that attention spans are low, while content clutter continues to grow. To stay top of mind, authenticity can be the key differentiator between mediocre and superb content.

Host Analytics’ Nick Ezzo Shares The ABC’s Of ABM At #B2BMX

While everyone talks about the amazing return they are seeing from their account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives, there has not been enough education on the right steps to take to launch an ABM program that drives revenue. Effective ABM implementation and execution are among the variety of topics on tap at the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, Ariz. Nick Ezzo, VP of Demand Generation at Host Analytics, will take the stage to…

The Art Of Deal Enablement: Aptos’ Dave Bruno Shares Insights On Impacting Closed/Won

The later stages of engagement are where deals are often won or lost. That’s why more B2B organizations are stepping up their investments in tools and tactics to support late-stage decision-making. In an interview with Demand Gen Report, David Bruno, Marketing Director at Aptos, discusses the challenges marketing teams face to keep consistent brand messaging throughout the buying cycle, as well as tips and tactics to better align messaging across…

Influencer Campaigns: So Powerful, Even Putin Is Using Them!

Influencer marketing campaigns can have a big impact on audiences — sometimes it’s an entire nation at the peak of a Presidential election. The New York Times recently reported how Vladimir Putin allegedly “ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election,” and it got me thinking about how much influence plays a role in the world beyond the B2B marketplace.

Data And CX Among Top Challenges Marketing Leaders Face Today

CMOs and senior marketing leaders today continue to be challenged across the board, from driving big picture vision and technology transformation to guiding teams toward improvement in areas such as content creation and campaign execution. I recently had a glimpse at the data behind Forbes Media’s CMO as Culture Warrior: The 8 Essential Characteristics of High Performing Marketing Leaders report. The report focuses on the essential characteristics of successful marketing…

4 Tips To Better Holiday Messaging And Campaigns

The holiday season is the time of the year when B2B marketers must ignore their product-centric habits when engaging with prospective customers. As the last few vacation days are being scheduled and teams hunker down to meet year-end goals, it’s going to be much harder to draw their attention. However, there ismuch B2B marketers can learn from some of the core holiday traditions.

Second City’s Andy Eninger On What Separates The Content Greats From The Jesters

Much like aspiring comedians have to stand out among the competition in order to catch their big break, marketers have to make sure their content trumps others’ for clicks and engagement. With a sea of content out there in the B2B marketing space, buyers have no shortage of information to help them make their decisions. That’s all the more reason to not just create batch-and-blast content, but instead give current…

Video Lets Marketers Get Personal

Video has become an effective tool for B2B marketers, and an appealing medium for buyers. Many marketers are using video strategically at every stage of the buying cycle, and those efforts are yielding good outcomes.

5 Ways To Avoid The Unfollow Button With Your B2B Social Media Strategy

My normal morning ritual may sound familiar to some people: I pour myself a cup of coffee, look at my email and check out my social feeds to see what is trending. Every so often I find myself unfollowing companies and individuals due to a variety of factors, and I always wondered if people felt the same way I do when someone direct messages me with a “CAN’T MISS OPPORTUNITY!”

Conversational Presenting: 3 Best Practices For Sales Reps

Sales representatives don’t always have it easy. Communicating with a buyer and providing them the information they need to get through the funnel takes time and effort. In today’s B2B buying landscape where the buyer has already done his or her research before having their first conversation with a sales rep, it’s important to know what kind of information will help buyers make a purchase.

Planning Ahead: 4 B2B Trends To Master For 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, you’re probably already having conversations with your team about how you are going to revamp your marketing and sales initiatives to surpass goals, meet quotas and drive pipeline in the new year.
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