COS Series Preview: Learn How Marketers Are Mastering Multichannel Engagement

Published: April 12, 2023

What if I told you there’s a free online webinar series premiering in less than two weeks that provides you with the hardest hitting insights surrounding campaign optimization?

Demand Gen Report’s annual Campaign Optimization Series is back for its fifth iteration, this time with a focus on how marketers are blending first- and third-party data to drive efficient growth. We know marketers are struggling to craft more efficient and effective marketing programs, so the 2023 series will highlight how successful B2B brands are rewriting their playbooks to maximize proven avenues and extend their reach into new channels and platforms. It’s all going down April 24 through 28 — and here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • “Nothing Works Anymore: Why B2B Needs A New Playbook,” where Demandbase’s Jon Miller will share his new playbook that’s filled with successful account-based techniques;
  • “Maximize Your ABM Strategy With Event Data,” featuring Cvent experts that will outline how you can design event experiences with ABM in mind, integrate event data into existing martech stacks and activate that data for more personalization;
  • “New Research: How To Take AI-Assisted B2B Content Marketing From Creation To Conversion,” a discussion with ViB and Amateurish Productions that outlines the latest research on B2B marketing trends in the AI age and how to bridge the gap between AI-assisted content creation and actual conversions;
  • “3 Ways To Level Up Your Events Program In 2023,” where Drift’s Ottavio Dattolo and Sara Lieber share their key learnings from producing Drift’s award-winning virtual event The Go-To-Market Lab;
  • “How To Succeed At Email Marketing Without Even Trying,” where Act-On experts will share insights into creating data-driven automated programs, unleashing the power of hygiene, deliverability and segmentation, understanding customers’ experiences to inform journey mapping and the do’s and don’ts of personalization;
  • “Achieving Alignment: A Winning Formula To Improve Marketing Campaign Strategies (& Boost Revenue),” where ZoomInfo’s expert panelists will share their insights on how to achieve better marketing alignment and pepper in practical, actionable tips;
  • “Form Fills Won’t Cut It: Using Buying Signals To Drive Real Revenue Growth,” featuring RollWorks’ Jill Brock, who will share why the lead is alive and well, and how to tap into buyer behavior signals to drive consistent quality; and
  • “Hacking The New Buyer’s Journey With Mid- & Late-Stage Content,” a discussion that will outline why robust, targeted middle- and late-stage content is key. The session will focus on getting the right vehicles into the right channels with audience-focused middle- and late-stage content, with solutions based in psychology as well as content strategy.

Make sure to register now and block off your calendar — this is a webinar series you don’t want to miss!

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