Crafting Conversion: Emerald Studio Covers Persona-Based Content At #B2BMX

Published: March 19, 2024

Emerald Studio — Emerald’s newly minted content agency — took the B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX) stage a few short weeks ago in conjunction with Trimble Construction. “Using Persona-Based Content To Connect With Key Prospects” — the pair’s case study — outlined Trimble’s journey to leveraging a persona-based approach and shared how the new strategy positively impacted its engagement rates, amongst other wins. During a Q&A following the session, the Emerald Studio team offered these tips to practitioners interested in embarking on their persona-based journey:

1. Use AI To Jumpstart Your Project

Getting started on a persona-based project means understanding your target audiences at a granular level (aka extensive research and subject matter expert interviews). With the right prompts, you can use generative AI to build detailed personas — just be sure you double check the accuracy of the work before you start building content.

2. Take An Audience-Focused Approach

What and how users want to receive information often differs from your standard marketing messages. Be sure your content resonates by addressing key pain points, employing the language used by your audience and avoiding product messaging in early- and middle-stage assets.

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3. An Outside Perspective Can Help

Whether it is narrowing focus or crafting the right messaging, it isn’t always easy to see what works and doesn’t when it comes to building content. Engage a third party, whether an agency or a marketer outside your team, to benefit from a new perspective and test your ideas on new eyes.

4. Baby Steps For Big Wins

Unsure where to begin or where you’ll find the budget for multiple personas? Consider crafting an asset for one key persona and then building a case for more resources based on your success. During the process, you’ll still want to keep other personas and asset types in mind so you can shorten the time to market for subsequent projects.

If you missed #B2BMX this year or didn’t attend this case study, we’ve got you — you can now access the full slide deck from the presentation using the form to the right!

For more insights from the content pros, make sure to register for the upcoming Campaign Optimization Series, where Emerald Studio experts will dive deeper into persona-based content!

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