BlueConic Releases Consent Management Tool For GDPR Compliance

Published: April 19, 2018

BlueConic, a customer data platform for B2B businesses, has launched a new Consent Management solution, which aims to provide marketers with the tools they need to manage data consent and rights requests from consumers in a single, unified platform that adheres to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Consent Management is designed to automatically ask customers for data consent, which is then stored in individual profiles, along with other customer data. The solution is also positioned to continually monitor consent rates and make sure customer consent is honored across all platforms.

“The new regulation presents an opportunity for marketers to build consumer trust in their brands,” said Cory Munchbach, Senior VP of Strategy at BlueConic, in a statement. “GDPR forces marketers to think carefully about the value of each piece of customer data that they collect. How will this data be used? Why would a customer provide this data? Those marketers that put (the) customer perspective first will not only be successful in achieving GDPR compliance, but also in gaining loyalty from (their) customers.”

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