HubSpot Adds Email Marketing To Product Suite

Published: May 16, 2012

The new tool offers segmenting and targeting functionality, designed to enable marketers to create static and dynamic lists; these automatically update, based on any contact field, previous list membership and form submissions. Marketers also can customize email body, subject line and sender with any custom field from their marketing databases. They also can use fields from lead or contact records via

The company’s new email system features analytics to track overall opens and clicks, as well as the actions of each individual contact. Users also can

access customizable best-practice templates for email creation.

“As a marketer, your contact database is everything,” noted Andy Pitre, HubSpot Product Evangelist, on the company’s blog. “Your email subscribers, your leads, your customers, this is the community you market to. For too many marketers this information is stored in separate databases. This means, in order to get anything done, you need to export, import, manipulate in Excel, and loose sleep because you know that you’re probably loosing leads, or worse, sending someone the wrong message.”

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HubSpot’s new email tool is aimed at helping marketers enhance their email marketing strategies by providing functionality for building and growing email lists; segmenting to distinguish customer stages and types; and accurately measuring the marketing process.

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