Manticore Technology Unveils New Version Of Marketing Automation Platform

Published: February 8, 2012

The updated product is focused on delivering improved design functions and asset management capabilities, giving marketers optimal control over their marketing processes while executing content-based lead nurturing programs.

According to Erramouspe, the company has seen strong customer growth in the agency sector, as well as mid-market companies with $20- to- $150 million in revenue. These companies, Erramouspe said, are mature enough from a resources perspective to take full advantage of the Manticore product. The company fully optimized its new release accordingly.

“We’ve modified the design wizard, and took an approach that’s more like what you’d see in an ESP product,” Erramouspe told DemandGen Report. “The interface separates the design function and creation of templates from the marketing function which is essentially putting in the right message inside the templates to execute programs. We now have separate user logins for designers versus marketers.”

In addition to the new capabilities in this release, the platform has been optimized for long-term product development. This product is the first in a series of enhancements, according to the company. “As we go forward we’re going to optimize more on the content marketing process,” Erramouspe said of the upcoming features, to be announced. 

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In addition to a new user interface, a number of key features in Manticore Winter 2012 include:

  • New design wizards for landing pages and emails, including a template library, separating the management of content from that of layout and design;
  • Email Testing with Litmus integration, designed allow marketers to score their content for potential spam triggers, and preview their email as it would appear in more than 30 email clients and devices;
  • Updated asset management tools, such as tags, quick views and archiving, designed to aide experienced marketing automation users in managing and navigating through large quantities of emails and landing pages; and
  • Email Throttling and Batching features, allowing more control over the delivery rate of emails to a given domain or recipient, in order to minimize unsubscribe rates while maximizing email deliverability.

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