MessageGears & Sageflo Partner To Empower Personalized Messaging

Published: October 15, 2020

MessageGears, an enterprise marketing technology provider, has partnered with marketing campaign management software Sageflo to help distributed marketing teams reduce data friction and empower their personalized, targeted messaging efforts.

The partnership combines Sageflo’s Radiate solution with MessageGears’ platform and aims to reduce the amount of time required to create personalized target messaging. The integration provides distributed marketing teams with streamlined email templates, images and audience segmentations for easier management and adjustment.

“Integrating MessageGears with Sageflo Radiate enables distributed marketers to send messages easily and securely, without the data friction issues that have always been an impediment to this process,” said Walter Rowland, SVP Growth at MessageGears, in a statement. “At the corporate marketing and franchise owner levels, the integration increases the value and return on investment of their distributed marketing teams.”

The integration also allows distributed marketers to access their stored data from MessageGear’s platform faster, empowering their personalized messaging capabilities using their own data.

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“MessageGears’ architecture makes data access easier, while Radiate’s ability to enforce brand alignment for message content makes corporate marketers more comfortable with the messages their distributed teams are sending,” said Aaron Smith, CEO at Sageflo, in a statement. “Sageflo provides an enhancement to the core MessageGears platform, servicing a common set of customer needs that we see increased demand for in the marketplace.”

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