ON24 Unveils New ‘Hybrid Mode’ Solution

Published: August 27, 2021

Digital experience platform ON24 updated its webinar solution Webcast Elite with new capabilities designed to engage both in-person and virtual attendees: Hybrid Mode. The new tool aims to help B2B organizations deliver integrated event experiences for in-person and virtual audiences simultaneously to increase engagement and participation from the attendee’s current location.

Hybrid Mode enables organizations to provide customized event-related content and communication capabilities tailored to the interests of each individual attendee. These communication tools and content forms allow interested virtual attendees to interact with presentations, polls and Q&As from within the virtual platform, while in-person attendees can scan a QR code to participate in the same activities for joint audience cooperation and/or engagement.

The tool is also designed to capture engagement data, intent signals and buyer profiles from both audiences to help marketers create personalized event experiences that resonate with attendees during and after the event. Hybrid Mode takes advantage of the other Webcast Elite features in the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, such as livestreaming capabilities, ON24 support experts, video editors and more, to help marketers leverage the engagement data to build personalized, engaging event content.

“The future of events is hybrid experiences that generate better engagement and data, with physical events complementing and augmenting digital-first strategies,” said Sharat Sharan, Founder and CEO of ON24, in a statement. “By capturing insights across all in-person and virtual attendees, sales and marketing teams can continually enhance their customer experiences, increase the reach of their lead nurture and drive measurable pipeline and revenue.”

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The launch of Hybrid Mode follows the unveiling of ON24’s Breakouts solution Breakouts solution, building on its commitment to expand organizations’ event hosting capabilities with new tools that improve attendee engagement and networking.

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