SalesLoft Unveils Deal Engagement Score & New Cadence Capabilities

Published: March 15, 2021

SalesLoft, a sales acceleration and customer engagement platform, announced the launch of a new Deal Engagement Score feature, which aims to help frontline sales managers prioritize deals based on engagement data. The company also revealed new capabilities for its Cadence product to improve sales and engagement strategies.

The Deal Engagement Score solution is designed to help marketing and sales leaders gauge the health of their deals by scoring them based on engagement data of cadences, conversations and deal outcomes. The machine-learning solution highlights why a deal received a specific score and provides recommendations to help teams take actions that improve their likelihood of closing.

“It’s not enough to have just a Cadence product,” said Frank Dale, SVP of Product Development at SalesLoft, in a statement. “With Cadence, which allows for conversation intelligence and opportunity management on one platform, we have a data set that spans the full cycle of deals, from the first meeting through to deal closure and renewal. We can analyze data from cadence touchpoints, recorded calls and active deals to better predict revenue outcomes.”

The enhancements to SalesLoft’s Cadence offering include:

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  • Cadence Step Analytics, which shows revenue leaders the results of specific steps in a cadence and replicates the steps with the highest conversion rates in their other cadences; and
  • Pre-Built Cadence Frameworks, a library of frameworks and best practices from top-performing teams to help jumpstart or improve a user’s cadences.

“Research from our data science team shows that multi-touch cadences are about three times more effective than single touch and that omni-channel cadences are around five times more effective than single-channel,” continued Dale. “Our customers can now replicate those best practices and ensure their cadences are optimized for best results.” 

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