COVID-19 Update

How Revenue Marketing Impacts The New 'All-Digital' Buyer’s Journey

With the digitalization of B2B, marketers have access to more marketing tools, leads and data to inform their revenue and marketing strategies. Revenue marketers in particular are responsible for converting prospects and leads into customers, and the current B2B landscape has solidified their new role as leaders in the buyer’s journey.

DGR Book Club: Author Laura Patterson Shares Fundamentals Of Customer-Centricity, Inspiration Behind New Book On Growth

What I love most about my job is that I get to talk to a ton of smart, inspiring marketing and sales professionals on a daily basis. Whether they are influencers in the space, speakers, authors — you name it — my days are filled with great conversations. I even started documenting some of these talks in our new CXO Conversations series!

4 Ways To Optimize Your Business Strategy During Covid-19

With the advent of social distancing and work-from-home policies, the B2B industry has experienced an abrupt — but not unforeseen — digital-only reality. As a result, companies need to shift toward maintaining business operations, inspiring buyer confidence by adapting their strategies to stay relevant in their target markets virtually.

DGR Book Club: How Marketers Can Leverage AI To Tell A Story

COVID-19 has changed the game for everyone in martech. In the age of social distancing, a crucial component of reeling in customers – the in-person event – has been suspended indefinitely. Now more than ever, it is important to reach consumers and prospects over digital channels, whether it be email, digital ads, webinars and more. So, it’s on the B2B marketer to create copy that resonates and incites consumers to…

Clear Your Schedule And Enjoy #B2BMX From The Comfort Of Your Home

Your inbox is probably flooded with virtual event and webinar invitations now that in-person events are on hiatus. I’ve even had conversations with people who said “webinar fatigue” is a real thing, and I couldn’t agree more. However, on the bright side, these virtual events — when done right — are super helpful and provide a great source of inspiration as we navigate through this new reality we’re in.

Watch Now: The Essential Components Of A Cross-Functional ABM Strategy

; Last week, we published a video uncovering the biggest developments in ABM. This week, we’re sharing more ABM insights from Demand Gen Report’s Andrew Gaffney and Andrew Mahr, Chief Customer Officer at Triblio. Recorded live at #B2BMX as part of Triblio’s “Ask an ABM Expert” series, this conversation covers sales activation in a more nuanced way, and why it’s important for marketers to target segments with help from sales…

You Have To Work From Home … Now What? Productivity Tips From The DGR Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a majority of the world quarantined at home. Unfortunately, some people are completely out of work, while others are lucky enough to work from home. Since Demand Gen Report is on an online publication — and our parent company, G3 Communications, is a digital marketing firm — the team and I are all working remotely with business as usual. Fun fact about G3 that you…

That’s A Wrap On #B2BMX! Re-Live The Fun With Favorite Quotes & Tidbits From The Event

The entire Demand Gen Report team and I are still on a high from the epic show that was the B2B Marketing Exchange. (I’m currently writing this blog post from the airport as I wait to board my red-eye back to New Jersey.) It’s crazy to think that it’s all over. All the hard work we put into planning the event for a year and putting together a jam-packed agenda…

Merkle & Digital Pi Leadership Share New Details On Merger

B2B marketers today are wrestling with the complexity of integration, according to Michael McLaren, Global CEO of the B2B Group at Merkle. Organizations are thinking beyond individual point solutions, and are looking at how technology, data and content can help develop more holistic experiences. That is why he believes merging with consultancy Digital Pi is a natural fit.

Tackling ABM FAQs With Triblio’s Andrew Mahr

As Triblio’s Chief Customer Officer, Andrew Mahr has worked closely with customers to help them develop successful ABM plays for close to five years. So, who better to host a series of educational videos on the most pressing ABM topics challenging today’s practitioners than Andrew himself?
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