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The #B2BMX Agenda Is Brewing: Here Is Your First Look

If you’re an avid reader, follower and subscriber to Demand Gen Report, you’ve probably already seen promotional emails, LinkedIn posts and updates about our biggest event of the year: The B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX) in Scottsdale, Ariz. (coming this February 26-28, 2024). You also may have already gotten information about our Super Early Bird and Early Bird rates…

3 Boogeyman Strategies B2B Practitioners Must Leave Behind In 2023

Between dwindling budgets, mass layoffs and economic volatility, 2023 was a scary time for B2B practitioners. Whether they were attempting to motive their remaining team members or trying to make the most of existing technology, practitioners often felt they were cobbling together marketing strategies à la Dr. Frankenstein.

B2B Intent Data Trends To Drive Marketing Success

B2B marketers intent-ions are clear: Some 65% of B2B companies plan to invest more in buyer intent data in 2023, even though 61% of them face shrinking or static budgets. But despite their eager embrace of intent signals, many B2B marketers lack a systematic approach to using the data. More than half of marketers using intent data admit they have a partially developed strategy or none at all, while a…

6sense Breakthrough Preview: CRO Latané Conant On How The Event Will Help Marketers ‘Be More’

6sense, an ABM platform powered by revenue AI, is hosting its annual customer event, Breakthrough 2023, at the Omni PGA Resort in Frisco, Texas from Oct. 16 to 19, 2023. The flagship event — featuring a “be more” theme — seeks to showcase the business impact of leveraging AI to generate high-quality pipeline, maximize conversions and reduce the waste and guesswork go-to-market teams face.

Meet ABM CTV, Madison Logic’s New Channel That’s ‘Closing Gaps’ In The CTV Space

Connected TV (CTV) advertising spend in the U.S. is expected to grow by nearly 20% by the end of 2023, and 56% of U.S. viewers watch content from CTVs. As B2B marketers prioritize engaging prospects and customers where they are and in more personalized ways, CTV is emerging as lucrative channel. With that in mind, ABM platform Madison Logic released ABM CTV, a new channel designed to harness the company's…

3 Strategies Marketers Can Take From The NFL’s Playbook

For the 72% of Americans that consider themselves football fans, tomorrow night marks the start of a journey that ends in heartbreak or victory. Although I’m the first to admit the NFL is deeply flawed, there are a couple key lessons that B2B marketing practitioners can learn from the sports conglomerate. So, in honor of tomorrow night’s kick-off, here are three marketing lessons practitioners can learn from the NFL:

Q&A With Justin Keller, Drift: Why 2023 Is A ‘Watershed’ Year For Artificial Intelligence

New research revealed that 91% marketers are ready to embrace the spoils of AI, labeling the technology as critically, very or somewhat important to marketing success over the next 12 months. The findings were uncovered in Drift's third annual “State Of Marketing & AI Report,” which was released in conjunction with the Marketing AI Institute.

Meet The 2023 Class Of B2B Innovators

The B2B Innovator Awards were created to celebrate the most progressive marketing and sales practitioners pushing the envelope to effectively engage prospective customers and meet their buyers’ needs in the age of digital transformation. 

Come On B2B, Let’s Go Party! 4 Lessons From 'Barbie'

The “Barbie” movie’s marketing is everything — and B2B is just Ken. Through a combination of paid and unpaid opportunities, the movie’s marketing team successfully immersed the world in hot pink through an all-encompassing brand awareness campaign. Here are the top four takeaways from the strategy and how B2B marketers can replicate it.

#B2BSMX Preview: Insider Insights Into The ABM Track

Despite 96% of B2B marketers indicating that they have a documented ABM strategy, 40% are still struggling with aligning marketing and sales, 27% face difficulties with personalizing content for their target accounts and 22% cite cost as a challenge.

Fostering Inclusivity: How Crunchbase Is Shining The Spotlight On LGBTQ+ Businesses

According to a 2022 study, there are more than 783,183 business owners currently employed in the U.S. — but a mere 10% of those represent the LGBTQ+ community. Further, a 2023 report by StartOut found that LGBTQ+ founders face additional barriers to raising capital, and another report said that less than 1% of the more than $2 trillion in funding for startups went to LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. 

Meet The Buyer-Level Intent Platform ‘Revolutionizing’ The B2B Intent Landscape

B2B practitioners are always craving deeper insights into their target audiences: The more targeted they can make their campaigns, the better. To help deliver real-time insights into prospects actively expressing intent, NetLine, a content marketing and lead generation company, launched INTENTIVE, which the company claims is the only buyer-level intent platform able to deliver those insights.

Beyond The #B2BMX Podcast: A Deeper Look At ZS’s ABM Journey

If you listened to this week’s podcast — “How To Execute A Multichannel ABM Campaign” — you heard all about ZS’s journey to orchestrating an ABM campaign. To record the episode, I sat down with Megan Wolfe, Managing Director of the healthcare-based management consulting and technology firm, to pick her brain about the campaign and dive into specifics. But there’s only so much you can include on a podcast, so I…

Ladies, Let Your Voice Be Heard

Being responsible for an entire conference content agenda is intimidating, to say the least. After all, people pay good money to attend an event and I, for one, always want to give them all the bang for their buck.

The Art Of Utilizing Text Messaging In B2B

In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, one tool has emerged to cut through the noise and capture attention: Texting. That's right — the same medium that revolutionized personal communication is now making waves in the business realm. But what are the best practices for B2B texting? When is the best time to deploy sends throughout the buyer’s journey? And most importantly, how can you harness its potential to propel…
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